US With UK System

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US With UK System

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:07 pm

National Political Parties

Conservative/Tories = Historically play the role as the Democrats (with Liberals=Republicans). Are the main right-wing party, and have two general factions. One is a small-conservative faction which tends to support the NAEU (North American European Union, formed during the cold war) and be moderate domestically (though, not always). Other two factions are Hard-Liners (Hardline Conservatives) who tend to be anti-NAEU but are largely defined for there hard-line domestic Conservatism and then National Conservatives (notable above all for hardline anti-NAEU and nationalism).

Labor = Main left-wing/social democratic/socialist party. Emerged in the 1910s and has been the Tories main opponent since then. America is much more unionized in this timeline (about 35-40%, though down from the 70s were it hit 66%) and you have large amounts of co-operative industry. You would have a Hard-Left faction, Soft Left, and Third Way.

Liberal Democrats = Merger of the historical Liberal Party (matches Republicans) and Social Democratic Party (split of Centrist Labor MPs who saw the party as moving to far to the right). Would have destructed in 2010, losing much of there former base. The most pro-NAEU of the parties.

United States Independence Party (USIP) = Right wing nationalist party centered around opposition to the NAEU. Would have hit its high mark in 2015, well collapsing out in 2017.

Greens = Left-wing green third party.

Local/Regionalist Parties

California National Party (CNP) = Similar to SNP, left-of-center and now the dominant party in California.

American National Party (ANP) = Vehicle for far-right groups IE KKK/Neo-Nazis. Collapsed in 2015.

Southern Local Parties = Alabama/Mississippi would be based off Northern Ireland. So a center-right party (mostly white), right-wing/far-right (think daniels in MS, basically all White), A left-wing black nationalist party, then a social democratic party (with mostly black support). A fifth party known as the Alliance (includes types like artur davis and gene taylor, so is centrist overall but conservative socially and a slight populist economic bent. Is multi-racial). Parties would be

-States Rights Democratic Party (SRDP) (Right-Wing)
-Southern Freedom Republican Party (SFRP) (Left-Wing)
-Southern Social Democratic Labor Party (SSDLP) (Left-Wing)
-States Rights Party (Center-Right, much more moderate then the DND)
-Alliance Party

-Hawaii Peoples Party (HPP, Left-Wing, Hawaii Nationalism)

-Texas Independence Party (Far-Right, Texas Nationalist)

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Re: US With UK System

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:14 pm

2017 General Election
Lisa Murkowski (Conservative) 42%
Bernie Sanders (Labor) 40%
Martin O'Malley (Liberal Democratic) 7%
Kamala Harris (California National Party) 3%
Virgil Goode (United States Independence Party) 2%
David Cobb (Green) 1%
Chris McDaniel (Democratic States Rights Party) 0.45%
Others 7%

No majority, so Tory/DSRP coalition. EC isint used in this, will need to do seat calculations later.

here would be 2015 as comparison (same colors)

Mitt Romney (Conservative) 36%
Sherrod Brown (Labor) 29%
Tom Tancrado (USIP) 12%
Mark Udall (Liberal Democrat) 8%
Kamala Harris (California National) 4%
Others 11%

and 2010

(no majority for this one, but Torie-Lib Dem coalition. In this)


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