AT-1000 Elections

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AT-1000 Elections

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:58 am

Political Parties


William McKinley (Republican-Ohio) 48% 300+EV
George Gray (Democrat-Delaware) 18% 79EV
Eugene Debs (Socialist-Indiana) 23% 47EV
Mr. Silas "Southern" Comfort Swallow (Prohibition-Pennsylvania) 7% 5EV
Thomas E. Watson (Populist-Georgia) 3%
Others 1%


Theodore Roosevelt (Republican-New York) 45% 339EV
George B. McClellan Jr (Democrat-New York) 35% 120EV
Eugene Debs (Socialist-Indiana) 16% 24EV
Others 4%


Champ Clark  (Democrat-Missouri) 39% 258EV
Albert Cummings (Republican-Iowa) 35% 154EV
Eugene Debs (Socialist-Indiana) 22% 71EV
Others 4%


Theodore Roosevelt (Progressive-New York) 21.6% 112EV
William Howard Taft (Republican-Ohio) 21.2% 173EV
Eugene Debs (Socialist-Indiana) 21.3% 73EV
Champ Clark (Democrat-Missouri) 21.1% 140EV
William Jennings Bryan (Prohibition-Nebraska) 14% 33EV
Others 1%

House run-off vote

Republican 24 States
Democrat 16 States
Socialist 10States


Upton Sinclair (Socialist-New Jersey) 43% 315EV
William Howard Taft (Republican-Ohio) 28% 121EV
James M. Cox (Democrat-Ohio) 17% 77EV
William Jennings Bryan (Christian Alliance-Nebraska) 10% 18EV
Others 3%


Calvin Coolidge (Republican-Vermont) 34% 284EV
Upton Sinclair (Socialist-New Jersey) 30% 118EV
William G. McAdoo (Democrat-California) 16% 108EV
Henry Ford (Christian Alliance-Michigan) 18% 21EV


Calvin Coolidge (Republican-Vermont) 36% 277EV
Al Smith (Democrat-New York) 25% 132EV
Robert LaFollete (Socialist-Wisconsin) 22% 75EV
Billy Sunday (Christian Alliance-Iowa) 14% 47EV
Others 2%


Herbert Hoover (Republican-Vermont)
Al Smith (Democrat-New York)
Daniel Hoan (Socialist-Wisconsin)
Billy Sunday (Christian Alliance-New York)


Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat-New York) 48% 388EV
Herbert Hoover (Republican-Iowa) 22% 95EV
Floyd B. Olson (Socialist-Minnesota) 18% 48EV
William Upshaw (Christian Alliance-Georgia) 0EV 5%
William Foster (Communist-New York) 2%
William Dudley Pelly (Silver Legion-Massachusetts) 2%

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